Monday, October 3, 2011

My Fav Baking Blogs

            When I set out to make this list, it started as a “top five” sort of thing.  Then I looked my Twitter lists, and realized that wow, I actually follow like a million great blogs.  Here’s an edited list of my absolute favs, in no particular order, and narrowed down so it’s not a dictionary.  They’re all written by great bakers, they look fabulous, and they keep interest.  Hope you love them as much as I do!

Joy the Baker- Her blogs are entertaining, and she has great recipes.  She’s super adorable, and has a sense of humor that I can’t get enough of.  Even if you’re not a blog reader, you have to follow her on Twitter because it’s seriously like reading a breath of fresh air every once in a while.  Follow her on Twitter @joythebaker, and check out her blog here!

Cosmo Cookie- This blog is full of these unique, adorable cookies and cupcakes.  Just looking at the pictures is a pleasure, and if you’re a baker, you’ll love all of the ideas coming from this blog.  Meghan Cassidy, the writer, clearly has passion for baking and creative skill, which are all the credentials I need.  Here’s her awesome blog!

The Baking Fairy- Let me just start by saying that I’ve actually made a bunch of her recipes solely based on her amazing pictures.  She makes things that I hate look delicious.  Plus, she calls her Kitchen Aid her best friend, which not only makes me jealous, but also lets me know that we are definitely on the same page.  Check out The Baking Fairy here!

Cake Whiz- This blog is great for people who are just learning to bake.  This blogger is good, and she takes pictures of every step in process.  Honestly, baking can be scary when you start out.  It’s a lot of money, and you really want it to come out right.  Try some of these recipes so you can see exactly how everything should look, and when it should look that way!

Brown Eyed Baker- This blog is great for tons of awesome and unique recipes.  My fav is the most recent, a list of pumpkin baked goods.  You can get ideas for baked goods, appetizers, and everything else you’d want to make in the kitchen! Checkout this recipe treasure trove the next time you need inspiration!

Barbara Bakes- Her blog is full of great recipes for entertaining.  You can come here to plan a whole meal pretty much because she includes a lot of savory dinner recipes alongside delicious desserts.  Check out Barbara Bakes for some great pictures and yummy recipes!

Half Baked- The Cake Blog- This is for the advanced baker.  This blog is full of great pictures of amazingly creative and beautiful cakes and cupcakes.  It’s great if you’re looking for ideas for something new, or if you want to learn some new techniques!

            Hope you guys enjoyed browsing my favorite baking bloggers, and let me know about the great baking blogs that you follow!


  1. How sweet! Thank you! It's an honor to be one of your favorite bakers and to be included with these other great bakers.

  2. Awhh! You are so sweet. I'm so honored to find out you've made some of my recipes! Thank you so much! :)