Wednesday, September 21, 2011

New kitchen weapons!

            You know that awesome feeling you get when you buy something new and fun? I am swimming in that feeling right now.
            After three long months of summer vacation in my parent’s kitchen, I’m back to reality, and back to my tiny kitchen.  If you don’t know about my kids-sized kitchen, read about it here.  So, to reward myself for actually getting on the plane back to Boston, I ordered some new fun kitchen stuff! Nothing makes bearing a small kitchen easier than buying small kitchen things. 

            I have a toy oven.  Except, that’s all I have.  Since I moved in, three years ago, I’ve been making due with regular sized bake ware.  But this time around, I’m letting the oven win. The thing is, if you have anything bigger than a 9 by 13 inch pan, dish, or anything in this oven, heat circulation is nonexistent.  9 by 13 inch things are pushing it to be honest. 
            This has led to numerous ruined baking endeavors.  I never failed this epically until facing this oven.  Cookies are pretty much always perfect on the bottoms, and completely raw on the tops.  Cakes and muffins never get golden brown.  You see, it’s a regular electric oven, so it heats from the bottom.  When I squeeze a pan onto a shelf, the heat can’t make its way around it to the top of the oven.
            Alas, this semester I will defeat this oven! The first thing I bought this time around was a new cookie sheet; it’s 9 by 12 inches.  Just to put that into perspective, that’s only slightly larger than a piece of printer paper.   This leaves a good two or three inches on every side for heat circulation. GO HEAT CIRCULATION!
            I also bought a six cup muffin pan.  It’s a little bit smaller than the cookie sheet, so this should leave plenty of room for that oven to work with.  Yeah, I’ll have to bake only six muffins or cupcakes at a time, (and probably like three cookies at a time) but they’ll be cooked through.  All my dreams are coming true here.
            The last thing was pretty much just for fun.  I found some super cute silicon baking cups for cupcakes.  But not just any cupcakes, square ones!  If you don’t know by now that everything is more adorable when square, you must not live in the girl world.  I can’t wait to make some chic looking square cupcakes!
            Please note the pig timer in the background of the picture.  My oven doesn’t have a timer.  This is completely inexplicable because the thing is just small, not old or anything like that.  What kind of oven from this century doesn’t have a timer?  Ooh that’s right. One that’s toy-sized.
            Does your kitchen face you with any crazy challenges? Tell me about them, and how you beat them in the comments!

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