Friday, September 16, 2011

The Cupcakory, Boston

            So basically, I eat a lot of cupcakes these days.  We all know they’re totally trendy and you can find them pretty much everywhere.  Between buying a cupcake everywhere I can, and making about a million of my own this summer, I think I’ve eaten enough to be mildly knowledgeable on the subject.
            I only have about three more months in Boston until I pack up and move back home to Colorado for probably like, I don’t know, my whole life.   I feel like my life in this city is all being crammed into three months even though I’ve been here for three years.  Because of this, lately I’ve been rushing to find every baked good I can in the entire city.

            Recently, I’ve been on the hunt for cupcake trucks.  I swear these did not exist the last three years I lived here.  Tons of other food trucks have popped up this semester too and every time I’m on the T it’s like “oh crap there’s another one! Should I get off now even though I need to be in class… ten minutes ago?”
            Anyways, cupcake trucks.  Over the summer, one started roaming the streets of my hometown.  The first time I saw it, I was with my dad.  I pretty much thought it was the most amazing thing I’d ever seen, and proceeded to spend the whole summer following them around.
            In Boston, it turns out there are quite a few cupcake trucks.  Some of them come from store front homes, and some are just based as trucks.  Let me preface this by saying that I’ve tried a few now and I must note that I haven’t blogged about any thus far. 
            The Cupcakory is everything you want in life.  That’s right, I said life. Because if you have an amazing cupcake, what else do you really need?  Today I finally got to try the cupcakes from this truck that I’ve been following on Twitter for quite some time now.  First of all, nice people are hard to find in this city, and the woman running the truck was super nice.
            I bought four cupcakes.  Don’t worry, they weren’t all for me (although I did taste all of them); double vanilla, double chocolate, salted caramel, and banana walnut caramel.  Trust me; it’s as amazing as it sounds. 
I recently went to a cupcake truck whose cupcakes weren’t very… pretty.  But these cupcakes looked great and I spent the whole train ride home peeking into the box and wishing the train would move faster.  I actually took the picture above while I on the T back home because I felt like I had to do something with these things so I didn’t just eat them all without my boyfriend.
            My favorite cupcake is a perfect vanilla with vanilla frosting. I know it’s boring, but there’s nothing I crave more.  The double vanilla cupcake was the first I ate and it was so good I was honestly surprised.  This may have had something to do with my dislike for the last cupcake I tasted, but I know it was mostly because this was the best vanilla cupcake I’ve ever had.  It was the perfect texture, and I don’t use that phrase lightly.  The frosting was light, sweet, and complimented the texture of the cake perfectly. 
            The other cupcakes were equally fabulous.  My boyfriend had the double chocolate, and later, the banana walnut caramel.  They both had great texture and taste.  Later, when I ate the salted caramel I was pleasantly surprised.  It was chocolate cake, so that flavor was big, but still the frosting was super delicious and flavorful. 
            I have to add that the truck itself is really adorable.  It’s sort of old fashion and small.  Also, they have this cute little display window with all their cupcakes for the day that I just fell in love with.  The whole thing has a vintage style that is really charming. 
            If you live in Boston and haven’t been to this cupcake truck, GO!  Check out their weekly schedule on their website here.  It’s worth the trip and the cash.

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